Responses: Lost & Found

How do you feel when you write to your friend or beloved and you do not get a response? LOST!  It feels like no matter what you do or try to do long distances are never good. Distance can be an evil thing when you talk about maintaining a relationship. If your messages are not responded, you may get disheartened. This may feel as if you are lost in a dark forest, where there is nothing but uncertainity. This is where you may lose it all and may end a budding or an old relationship.

My advise in such situtaions is to be patient and think of the person in question. That person too must be trying hard to respond to you, talk to you. No matter what situations may arise, the moment when you get a response, there is a feeling of relief and you have FOUND your smile.

What I share with you here very close to my heart. I hope you all will appreciate it just as you have to my previous writeups.

Image credits to Ikita Pokharna (I enjoy her photography because each of picture has its own story to tell). Follow her on instagram @ikita_p


kahin unse duur hue jaate hain hum

bas tasviir ko dekhkar hi reh jaate hain hum

kyun dhun ye zahen se hat.Ti nahi

jab ki na baat hui na aaya paighaam sahi


kya wajah hui, nahi maloom humko

kya koi khata hui, zaraa batlado humko

hum yunhi ikhtelaf mein mare jaate hain

jo na hui baat na aaya paighaam sahi


dard siine mein ajab hota hai

har jaam jaise be’asar hota hai

koi kyun kar ke ho sanam tujh jaisa

jo na baat hui na aaya paighaam sahi


phir aaya mera chand nazar

zara sharmindaa tha bekhabar

tha pareshan badalon se ghira

tabhi to na baat hui na aaya paighaam sahi


meri dhaDkan ravaa.n hui phir

hoto.n pe muskurahat aayi phir

dil halka halka mehsoos hota hai

jo yu.n baat hui aur aaya paighaam sahi


Trial n Error

Trail n Error – finding a balance between being sane and being romantic!

This is for for a romantic heart and that too a very emotional one. If you have ever had love for a being, all you want is to strike a balance between being with them and giving them their space. But most of the time, you are left trying so hard and in return get a heart ache.

This also means that there are dreams that you want to live, but these dreams are seen wide awake, with heart beats racing, and sometimes you are left a little irritated as well. Why me? Why this? And again all you want is to see your person happy and you want to the reason for it.

Please let me know in the comments if you ever felt this feeling, or is there any emotion that you want me to write down!

Till then, stay romantic!


Kitni hi koshish main karuu.n

Na alfaaz thamey aur na junoon


Shikva kiya bhi toh unse

Dil bigDa hai jinke hone se


Ek kaifiyat jiska koi ilaaj nahi

Dil mein uthi aa.nCH ko thandak nahi


Duur hoke bhi mulaqaat roz hoti hai

KHvabo.n se zyaada, dhaDkano mei  hoti hai


Ek tamanah aur uthi hai dil mein

Unki khushi ki wajah ho humse



At times all we do is blame our destinty and not actually think that where we were at fault. Take time to see what mistakes have become a habit and try to overcome them.

Then the destiny will not look so eluded. Have faith in the “Knower of the Unknown”; He will never let you down. Seek within Him the light that seems lost and see the fruitful results in ways you would have not imagined.

There is a contingent existence that would only come, when you try and make the effort for it.


Faraghat samjh ke waqt maine barbaad kiya

Jo mauqa mere simt aaya usse nazarAndaaz kiya

Main kyun muqaddar ko kostey karwatei.n badalTii rhi

Jo maine chaDhte hue aaftaab ki ziyaarat takk naa ki


Raat ke andhere mein gar dum ghutne lage

Saans aaye par kuch zaKHm ubharne lage

Kar faryaad apne Rab se ke ho charaGa koi

Khule woh Qismat jo thi kahin ab tak soyi


Ho jaye jab raushani toh kar shukriya

Mila tujhko jo tha ab tak gumshuda

THehar jaa aaya woh maqaam hai

Lakiiro.n mein jo rekhta imkaan hai



Growing in Love

Keep loving and keep growing in love.

No matter what challenges life gives you, you will always come out victorious if you have love in your life. This love can be for a person or your work of passion. As long as you fall in love… you will definitely soar higher.

There will be times you will be rejected, but that rejection will only motivate you to rise and aim higher.

Keep pushing yourself, keep dreaming and you will get what is meant for you!

Insha Allah!

Hum toh yunhi ajal se befikar….

Kashti-e-rumaniyat pa jaa.n bajaa.n

Khwaabon mein khushi se jii rahe the,

Tere alfaaz kyun uss pahar dil paara paara kar gye…

Hum thoda aur giRe tere ishQ mein aur thoda uth gye




Family and friends make your world  a better place to live. It is them you care about the most and it is them you want to have around, always.

People or person who gives you a feeling of belonging, of completion, of being able to say things you want to say without hesitation; that is a true and speacial friend.

Keep spreading love, not hate; for there is someone to keep you sane and care for you as much as you do for them.

Hope you guys will enjoy this small poem as well.

Agar bin kahe woh sab samjhta hai

Agar har hasii ki gehrai maap sakta hai

Paas na ho kar bhi duur hota nahii

Jaan lo woh dost khaas hai


Agar har baat mein uski baat ho

Agar baat saalo.n mein ho ya roz, baat ek si ho

Uski bato.n se gar muskura jaate ho tum

Jaan lo woh dost khaas hai


Agar duniya se bacha ke bas khud ke liye usse chaaho

Agar duniya mein uske jaise aur chaaho

Uske hone se lagti ho gar zindagi mukammal

Jaan lo woh dost khaas hai

Friendship Quote Facebook Post.png

Baarish aur Bichhran

Its great that the rains are here and have painted the sky in shades of grey. Yet there is always a feeling of missing someone on a rainy day. You want some sort of company to have those long chats in the varandah, sipping hot chai.

Imagine you being alone then such a weather only makes you gloomy and sad. I have tried to put those feelings into the lines below.

Enjoy and please leave your feedback.

Ek ghata’a arsh pe yun chhaa.ii hai…

Mere dil ki kaifiyat ki maano parchhaa.ii.n hai…


Inn baarish ki boo.nDo.n ka koi hisa’ab nahi…

Ye mere ashKo.n se zyada mukhTalif toh nahi…


Main na kehti ke main aaj kuch ghamgiin hun…

Main unse duur hone pa bas zara mayuus hun…


Jis tarah ye boo.nde.n mili aaj zameen se…

Unki khushboo bhi basii hai mujhme kabse…


Kal jab hoga chaa.nD khila falak pe

Hum bhi muskurayege unhe soch ke…

Baarish aur bichhran

Eid Mubarak

So the festival of feast, peace and love is here. There is happiness and lot’s of festivities around. Even the poorest ditches the rags and puts on his best. He is his richest version today.

There such an hustle bustle in the house kitchen, so many delicacies being cooked and the premium cutlery coming out waiting for the first bowl of sewaiyaa to get served.

Eid is so much more than just a festival; for some it is a holiday, for some it is a chance to be around friends and family, for others it is about the food and most of all it’s the Eidii.

To whatever stories you have with Eid, there is another on its way.

Have a blessed Eid and enjoy this light hearted write-up from my end…

Chaand iss falak par dekho kaisa khila hai

Haan ye Mubarak Eid ka paighaam laaya hai


Sabr seekha kya humne aaj dikh jaayega

Sewaiyon ke kitne pyaale kaun khaayega


Rehmat-e-KHuda ki dua khuub ki hai

Kitni eidii dekho kiske naseeb hai


Baad Namaaz-e-eid sab gale milenge

Kayi naujawaa.n kurto.n mein akRe milenge


Biryaani ki khushboo yaaro.n ko kheench layegi

Shaaz aKHlaq dikhaane mein kayyo.n ki hasii chhuut jayegi


Umr ho paanch pachchees ya pachaas

Eidii milne par hota hai ek hi ehsaas


Tohfe, yaari aur zayke se bani eid phir aayi hai

Saath naye lamhe aur kayi purane qisse laayi hai


Jeelo iss lamhe mein, ye Khuda ki naymat hai

Kal phir kaam aur usse juDi kashmakash hai


Have a happy Eid al-Fitr! (1).jpg